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Any Interest in a Freeplay GBA SP?
Hi guys,
I just wanted to share an idea and see if there’s any interest in it. I built a Freeplay CM3 with a BoxyPixel shell and I love it. However, there’s one problem - it’s too nice! Too nice to haphazardly throw in my pocket for fear of scratching up the screen. The Gameboy Advance SP was perfect for this reason - the clamshell design protected the screen, and made it a little bit more portable too. 
So now I’m curious - how feasible would a Freeplay GBA SP handheld be? Obviously it would require a redesigned board, and fitting all of those components inside might be tricky (even with the freed up cartridge slot). A compatible screen would have to be sourced as well. 
Some day I would love to purchase a product like this, especially if BoxyPixel ever offers GBA SP aluminum shells. That would be a dream system! I could throw it in my pocket and never worry about damaging the screen, or crushing the shell if it’s machined aluminum. 
What do you guys think? Am I just daydreaming here, or is this the next logical evolution of the Freeplay platform?
In some ways, I agree that this would be the next logical step. I, personally, prefer the GBA layout for playing, but the SP is definitely better for pocket portability.

We have looked into creating a version for the SP shell, but we couldn't figure out how to do it right. This could be where creating our own custom shell might be a good move. Unfortunately, that's a very costly route to go down.

Hmm. Now I'll need to think about this.
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Yeah, I’m looking into going the DIY route for this, at least initially. I might just use some perfboard and a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and hand-solder the switches from an original GBA SP board, drill holes for X / Y buttons, run a ribbon cable for the LCD, and try for stereo audio.
I feel like one of the advantages of the SP layout is that you could put an analog pad beneath the D-pad, as well as stereo speakers, but those features are obviously secondary.

Edit: Here are a couple of examples of this sort of project. The quality of these builds are...yikes...but they have the basic concept down.

Obviously, the later GBA SP version had the center button to adjust screen brightness, which could be repurposed as a “Home” button to exit emulation or open the Retroarch GUI, and the first video shows a micro thumbstick added. It could be feasible to add one on each side, which would be helpful for PSX emulation.

Edit 2:
Wow, this guy seems to be way ahead of me:
This project appears to be dormant, but he’s got a GitHub page with Eagle files and everything. I have zero experience in PCB fabbing or populating SMD components, but I might want to cheat off of this guy’s homework.

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