My Gba NES Edition
Hello Friends!!

I wanted to show how my gba cm3 has turned out.
I have used an original white gba since it has a better touch, better screen printing ... than those bought online.
For such a machine, it couldnĀ“t be other than in an original, the buttons except the extra ones are also original.
In fact, the original buttons stand out over the extra ones.
I have used a custom glass NES edition

The feel of the buttons is spectacular with soft rubber


On the backĀ placed the NES sticker to match the front.

As the case is original, the serial number sticker is the one that came with the case.


and finally I have 3d printed the cartridge for the hole.


The final conclusion after riding is that I love this machine, it is very comfortable to play, very powerful with cm3 and the battery lasts a long time! to exhaust it you have to play for hours!
very happy with my gba!
The only point would be a better screen, but even so, it performs perfectly.

Waiting for new constructions !!!
You're right, Mlopezmad, the original shells do have a quality that the reproduction ones don't quite match.

I like the Famicom look of the white with red accents. Nice choice!

Thank you for sharing your photos and notes!
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