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Flashmasta v5.1 Corruption and Deleted Saves
I've had the Flashmasta for a few months now and have noticed several games getting corrupted when transitioning between scenes and have had save files completely removed after the corruption. When I say corruption I mean severe graphic distortion with no recovery except power cycling. Is this common for other users? I'm using the no-intro set and programming over linux. My battery is fresh during these issues, about 70%.
I'm assuming that they aren't hacks or translations or anything like that, are they?

Have you read through to see if anyone else mentioned issues with the particular games?

Do the problems always happen in the same place in the same game, or is it random?

Do you have the IPS kit installed?

Is this on a B&W, Color, or SwanCrystal?

You said you had this for a few months now. Did it always behave this way since you've had it?
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