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NeoLinkMasta cannot back up save data. No reply from customer service.
Started having this issue just a couple months after getting my flash masta in 2018, I e-mailed customer support around that time and never received any reply. Took me this long to realize there is a forum I could come to. I have enjoyed this flash cart, although I have only been able to enjoy two games, because the backup save data feature stopped working, so if I want to flash a new game, I'll lose many hours of progress, which isn't cool. I want to buy the new Wonderswan flash masta, but I'd like to resolve this issue first.
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Hey, treefroggy! How did you email tech support? Did you use and hit the SUPPORT button? I don't know why it wouldn't have been answered that way.

There are some technical issues with how the Neo Geo Pocket stores savegame data that make this tricky. Please see this post to learn more about it.

Actually, you can easily back up any game's savegame by using the "Backup Game Data" button. This will include the game itself AND the savegame data. In fact, this makes restoring easier, because you can use "Flash Game Data" to put it all back on one go.

The "Backup Save Data" is tricky, because every game can store the savegame in a different area. The Flash Masta software can guess some of them, but it's actually best to save/restore the whole game (and save data) at a time.
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Thanks for taking time to clear that up. I never would have figured that the rom and the "sram" share one flash chip. That's pretty wild. Love the NGPC even more now. My backup appeared to work, I did the whole cartridge and now I'm going to finally move on to two more games. To be fair, since I have ADD I enjoy having a limited selection of games, forcing me to dedicate to them. I got much farther along collecting puzzle pieces in sonic and playing inane mini games with neo poke kun than I would have otherwise. But now, it's time for some RPGs like Ogre Battle Gaiden Cool

Thanks again, maybe stuff like this could be better documented in the future because it was very disheartening, and yes, I did contact using the form you referenced. Ugh, now I have to set my money aside for WS flash cart as soon as possible before the next wave sells out. Looking forward to playing Chocobo Dungeon in the sunlight on original hardware. .. That is, if I ever see the sun again, with all the smoke in california right now.

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