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Development Tools for the Neo Geo Pocket
(09-06-2012, 07:03 PM)mic_ Wrote:
Quote:I have also tried for a while to get a Toshiba compiler. ... As it stands right now, I think Sebastion Mihai's package is the best one.

Isn't that one (NGPC) based around a version of Toshiba's compiler? Maybe Toshiba released later revisions with bug corrections / better code generation(?).
Having run into some pretty serious bugs with the z80 version of SDCC as late as 2011, I'm not entirely sure that a '900H version of SDCC would be an improvement over the currently available compilers. I guess the advantage would be that it's open source and in active development, so any problems with it would in theory be possible to fix.

Well, SDCC would be portable, so it would run on any modern OS. On top of that, yeah, I'd think it'd be possible to fix bugs.

Yeah, I think the NGPC devkit was based on a Toshiba compiler. However, the one I'm talking is more of an IDE than just a command-line compiler, I think. Unfortunately, I never got any further than just theory with this.
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